Happy New Year, friends! I’m so excited today to announce a NEW branding package I’m offering for 2020 that SO many of you in my Facebook group have asked for the past year!

What it is?

Well friends, it’s my new Signature Logo + Branding Package for those who want a new, cohesive branding system but don’t want/need a full site redesign!

This custom package gives you:

  • A custom, one-of-a-kind logo design
  • Font System (Heading Font, Subheading, Body Copy)
  • Brand Color Palette + Color Codes
  • 10-Page Style Guide (customized to your new brand!) to help you extend the new look across platforms.
  • + Bonus Pinterest graphic example that you can then replicate for your own graphics! Previously, I only did this as part of my mid-tier site design package but know this is a BIG thing you want. So for these limited spots, I’m including a design example of a pinterest template that you can then replicate in your favorite design software!

How is this different than my old logo package?

My previous package included a logo design but didn’t include the extensive branding work & style guide. In the past year, I’ve found that this is really what bloggers need and are asking for so I decided to try something new to better serve you. After investing in a logo design, I don’t want you having to spend hours second-guessing your design choices like “does this font go well with the new logo” or “do these colors work as a whole” so I’m giving you the full branding system that my custom site design clients receive.

So what’s actually in this 10-page style guide & why do you need it?

Having a style guide not only helps YOU create a consistent brand, but is also a GODSEND when you have a team, Pinterest manager, or VA who also need to know how to carry on your brand guide (without you having to spend hours back and forth with them). You’ll know exactly how to combine fonts, combine colors, as well as how to properly use your new logo for the most consistent brand. It’s like a (pretty) rule book for your new look!

This Is a Good Fit For You If:

  • You Are A Food or DIY Blogger (or have a similar online business!)
  • You want a new one-of-a-kind logo that actually works well on desktop AND mobile (with all the file formats you will need to create graphics, video intros, and more!)
  • You want a done-for-you branding system complete with a custom color palette & font guidelines
  • You are happy with your current WordPress theme but want to update the logo to better fit your business vision and goals

Who This Is NOT A Good Fit For:

Note that this package does not include any web design work itself. You will receive the font names & color codes to implement into your existing theme, but it doesn’t include site design mockups showing where to place those or the coding to add them into your theme. If you want a full website redesign where I make all those decisions for you (and we implement all the coding!), our full custom website package would be a better fit for you!

OMG, I’m in! How do I snag one of these spots?

Since these are one-on-one custom projects, I am only taking on 6 of these for all of 2020! I hope you are just as excited about these as I am, as it’s something I’ve gotten SO many requests for! To snag one of these spots, fill out the form below.

What Is the Investment & How Does Payment Work?

With custom sites starting at $12k+ with design and development, the whole goal was for this to be an option for us to work together at a much lower price-point for you. This new package (limited to 6 clients!) is $4,000 which includes everything listed above (logo + color palette + font system + style guide + bonus graphic). Since these 6 dates will be scattered throughout the year, you’ll pay 50% upon booking and the remaining 50% at the completion of your project! So if you book now & your project starts in August, 50% would be due now and 50% at the end of August. Yay to splitting it up!

Ready to Work Together & Create a New Branding System Together?

Fill out the form below to snag your spot and I’ll be in touch with next steps! (Note: Dates will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the 6 spots are gone, they’re gone!)