Taste & Tell


Design scope:

Branding + Web



Developed by:

Once Coupled

“Working with Melissa was a dream! Going into this project, I wasn't even sure I wanted to do a new design. But once I started talking with Melissa, I knew she would come up with something that I would love. And my new design was everything that I didn't even know I wanted - and more! She somehow took the minimalist style I was drawn to and turned it into something that was perfect, eye catching and functional. The project management system that she uses makes communication and task management so easy and manageable. Emails get buried in my inbox, so I loved having her easy system to know what I needed to do. Feedback was super easy as well. I also love that both Melissa and Lauren keep up with the latest SEO trends and make suggestions to keep everything in line with not only SEO but site speed as well. Both were important to me, and I knew they had my back. The whole process has been seamless and I know I'll be working with both Melissa and Lauren in the future.”

Deborah Harroun