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Do You Specialize In Design Only?
After several years of managing both the design & development side of things, I am thrilled to announce that I now offer purely logo and site design for creatives and bloggers. Instead of splitting my time 50/50 with coding and technical support, I now focus my full energy on the branding and design. What this means is that the prices listed on my site are for design only. I will work directly with you (and only you!) to finalize mockups, and then from there you will work directly with a developer to bring the site to life. The developer will quote you separately for their portion of the project (development typically ranges in price depending on the complexity of the site). You are able to use your preferred developer or use my (amazing!) preferred developer, Lauren from Once Coupled. I’m very excited to offer this to clients, as it means that you will get two different forces (each with our own specialty!) to not only make your site beautiful and aesthetically functional (my job!), but also built to be a robustly coded website (the developer’s job!). Having worked in the development side of things, I am able to create these mockups to the developers specifications to make the process go as smoothly as possible after I deliver the design files to you.
How Does the Design Process Work?
Once your deposit is made, the fun begins! I will send you a detailed schedule, agreement, and client questionnaire to get a feel for what you are looking for in your design. I pride myself in making sure each client experience goes above & beyond. I will create a detailed project schedule, so that you know exactly what to expect throughout the process, exact dates you will receive proofs, and an exact date your design will be ready to deliver to your developer to code!
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, I do! Once you have contacted me and a quote is determined & accepted, your spot will be secured after a non-refundable 50% deposit of your project is made. I will provide you with a payment schedule in your proposal so you know when to expect invoices (larger projects can be broken down into 3 payments). Paypal is the primary form of payment accepted (you do not need a Paypal account to pay through Paypal).