“This is the second site that Melissa has designed for us and we are over-the-moon with the results! Her deep dive process for helping you uncover what you want your branding to communicate is key in getting the site of your dreams. Designing a new site or updating an existing one can be a very overwhelming process but Melissa's step-by-step process and clear communication makes it so much easier. We cannot recommend her enough!”

Jessica Beacom & Stacie Hassing

“Melissa is one of the most talented and professional designers I have ever worked with. Her creativity, precision, and attention to detail are just a few of the reasons why I chose and will continue to work with her. I couldn't be more happy with the way my new branding and web design turned out. The entire process from start to finish was seamless due to her great communication skill and organization. If you are looking to revamp your site or rebrand, I 100% recommend Melissa Rose Design! She is amazing!”

Lee Funke


“I absolutely LOVE Melissa. She designed my other site (Easy Chicken Recipes) in 2019 and she completely nailed my vision. I knew I had to hire her for The Cookie Rookie as well. She created a beautiful, responsive, and thoughtful site. She makes every deadline and is completely intentional with each step of the process. So grateful to have her beautiful vision on both of my sites!”

Becky Hardin


“Melissa took the time to truly understand my site and the vision for where I wanted to take it. She absolutely hit the nail on the head with my new branding and site design, and I couldn't be happier! I'm also so impressed by how streamlined and organized she was throughout the design process. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for next level design. She sets the bar!”

Sarah Bond


“I was so impressed with how kind and attentive Melissa was throughout the whole branding process. Since my website is my primary source of income, I always had concerns about doing a redesign. But with Melissa's knowledge and understanding of SEO and her experience in creating attractive and functional user-first designs, I knew I was in good hands from the very beginning.”

Jessica Holmes


“Where to even start. From beginning to end, Melissa created the most well thought out, beautiful, and user focused design I could have ever dreamed of having. Having built my site totally on my own three years ago (yikes!), I knew it was going to be a huge task and a major upgrade. Melissa always reassured me that she was going to make it the best that it could possibly be and they would be able to handle anything! Her patience, attention to detail, and promptness are unmatched and I cannot thank her enough for the INCREDIBLE new website she has branded and designed for me!”

Erin Morrissey


“Melissa is super professional with all the handlings, creative work and design aspects. I didn't have to spend hours explaining my thought process, she just gets it!”

Aaron Day

Aaron Day, FatForWeightLoss.com

“I was super hesitant to do a redesign because my blog is my business and I didn't want to do something that could jeopardize it! However, after working with Melissa I was SO confident that this was the right change for my business. She "got" me and I knew that she and the team would do everything to make my website better than it was before...it was only up from there!”

Taylor Kiser

“Working with Melissa was an absolute dream! I couldn't have asked for a better designer to work with. While I had some thoughts and ideas of what I wanted my new website to look like, I didn't have a super strong and clear vision. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to convey what I wanted and end up with a design that I wasn't happy with. Boy, was I totally wrong! Melissa's design process included very detailed questionnaires and exercises that honed in on exactly what my goals were for the website and what I wanted to portray with my brand. She turned my jumbled and rambling answers into a unique, professional, user-friendly, and beautiful website and brand that I absolutely love, and my readers do too! The entire design process from start to finish was seamless. Melissa was well-organized, provided a detailed schedule and timeline of everything that she was working on, and was very communicative throughout the whole process. I loved working with her and recommend her to everyone I know!”

Isabel Orozco-Moore

“Melissa was able to take my disjointed thoughts and ideas and translate them into a beautiful but functional site that I adore. She is thorough, asks all the right questions, many times things I hadn't even thought of. I was super hesitant to get my site redesigned because although I had ideas of what I wanted, I wasn't able to articulate it as well as I would have liked - making it hard to have someone know what I want! She communicates clearly and has solid reasoning (that she explains!) behind every single decision made, giving me absolute confidence in the decisions we made together. Working with Melissa was a pleasure - I highly recommend her!”

Kylee Ayotte

“The first time I reviewed Melissa's Brand Presentation and Logo Design is a day I will never forget. I was looking forward the specific date and was anxious to see if all the ideas in my head were going to mount to something decent. That day came - Melissa never misses a deadline. My husband and I opened up the super professional looking presentation and after a few minutes tears starting rolling down my face. Melissa had capture the essence of my business and the REAL me and had come up with a beautiful and sleek design. I saw in the presentation all the years of hard work, sleepless nights and dreams all come together smoothly and beautifully. It was as if someone was able to capture my 2 minute elevator pitch combined with every hope and dream I had for my business. Yes, I cried like a baby because my heart felt full and thankful. Since I am usually focus on day to day operations, I couldn't even believe how amazing my own business was! I felt so proud and so happy. Melissa is very professional, incredibly easy to work with and very sweet. I love the way she managed the project. Although I have only used Asana a couple of times, the board she created was very easy to follow so I managed to look like I really knew what I was doing. All the tasks were laid out and assigned, everything had a due date and she delivered in time like a rock star! The only difficult and sad part of the whole project, is that it's over and I don't get to interact with such an amazing, talented and creative person on a regular basis. Should you hire Melissa for your project? Absolutely-positively-YES! She is the best. She created magic for me. Although I gave her ideas of what I like, she came up with something even better! Something I didn't even know I liked! She is truly like a magical unicorn! Who doesn't like that?”

Kathy McDaniel

“Where to even begin?! Melissa is a BRILLIANT designer, has a keen eye for all-things branding, and is the most responsive, professional person I could ever hope to work with. I gave her very, very minimal direction, as I was quite uncertain of what I wanted, and she responded back with branding that BLEW. MY. MIND. My new branding is more than I could have ever imagined. If you need branding for your business, hire Melissa. She will impress you every step of the way!”

Sara Nelson