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Custom Site Design



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Once Coupled

“The first time I reviewed Melissa's Brand Presentation and Logo Design is a day I will never forget. I was looking forward the specific date and was anxious to see if all the ideas in my head were going to mount to something decent. That day came - Melissa never misses a deadline. My husband and I opened up the super professional looking presentation and after a few minutes tears starting rolling down my face. Melissa had capture the essence of my business and the REAL me and had come up with a beautiful and sleek design. I saw in the presentation all the years of hard work, sleepless nights and dreams all come together smoothly and beautifully. It was as if someone was able to capture my 2 minute elevator pitch combined with every hope and dream I had for my business. Yes, I cried like a baby because my heart felt full and thankful. Since I am usually focus on day to day operations, I couldn't even believe how amazing my own business was! I felt so proud and so happy. Melissa is very professional, incredibly easy to work with and very sweet. I love the way she managed the project. Although I have only used Asana a couple of times, the board she created was very easy to follow so I managed to look like I really knew what I was doing. All the tasks were laid out and assigned, everything had a due date and she delivered in time like a rock star! The only difficult and sad part of the whole project, is that it's over and I don't get to interact with such an amazing, talented and creative person on a regular basis. Should you hire Melissa for your project? Absolutely-positively-YES! She is the best. She created magic for me. Although I gave her ideas of what I like, she came up with something even better! Something I didn't even know I liked! She is truly like a magical unicorn! Who doesn't like that?”

Kathy McDaniel